Planting Roots at Lancaster New City

People say that finding the right place to live in is like finding your life partner. It is a big decision that should never be done in haste, rather, one should keep in mind that there are a lot of important factors that need to be considered before coming up with a decision.

After getting married and having a baby in 2017, my husband and I came up with a decision to buy our own house. It was a timely decision after the military were granted the salary increase. We also thought that it was good to invest early on while we are still a small family. And besides, we are getting tired of paying our monthly rent for P8,000.00 excluding the house utility bills. Thus, our search began…

After our thorough discussion and careful budgeting, we came up with a decision to live at Lancaster New City located in Cavite.

Photos taken from their website.

**Disclaimer** I am not in any way paid by ProFriends or Lancaster New City nor am I a real estate agent trying to get you to buy a house at LNC. I a…